Nothing to Fear: Root Canals in Durham

There are two words that can strike fear into the bravest among us: root canal. But at Durham Dental Group, we don’t think it should be that way. Root canals don’t cause  pain, they relieve it.

A root canal is a procedure done to save a tooth. It treats the inside of the tooth, and becomes necessary when a cavity infects its interior, which can cause increased sensitivity and a whole lot of pain.

The technical term for a root canal is endodontic therapy. After an access hole is drilled in the surface of the infected tooth, the damaged interior, or pulp, is removed. The remaining tooth is thoroughly cleaned, filled, and sealed. A crown is placed over the whole thing to protect it, and provide a natural-looking appearance.

The good news about root canals is that most of them are successful, and result in the treated tooth being saved. Afterward, that tooth will no longer be sensitive to hot and cold. You’ll need to make at least one follow-up appointment for a permanent crown to be put in place. The one we put in at the time of the root canal is only a temporary.

At Durham Dental Group, we perform root canals, and other procedures such as wisdom tooth extractions. We also provide general and cosmetic dentistry. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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